Native Instruments has announced an update to TRK-01, the creative kick and bass groovebox for Reaktor 6, Komplete Kontrol and the free Reaktor 6 Player.

Version 1.1 introduces user-requested features, inventive new tricks, and more.

Innovative sound design, sequencing, and modulation are joined by a number of user-requested features.

TRK-01 now allows MIDI play of the Kick and Bass modules from within your DAW, allowing you to bypass the sequencer when you just want to use the sounds. It also includes separate sound preset browsers for the modules, so you can mix and match elements for new inspiration. Plus many more brand new features.

There’s never been a better time to try TRK-01!

Changes in TRK-01

  • Added: Sound Browser with Preset Sounds for Kick and Bass.
  • Added: Keyboard/MIDI Note Input Mode (Sequencer Bypass).
  • Added: Enable/disable Locks for Sequences.
  • Added: Visual Helpers to EQ Display.
  • Added: Kick Layers On/Off function.
  • Added: Additional single stereo outputs for Reverb and Delay.
  • Added: Offset bass sequencer notes up & down.
  • Added: Sample phase invert.
  • Added: Remote control of Root Note via MIDI note input from MIDI channel 16.
  • Added: Documentation update.
  • Fixed: Timing issues in DAWs, when switching Patterns.

TRK-01 is available for purchase for 99 EUR/$99 USD/£89 GBP.

More information: Native Instruments