NatLife Sounds has released its new MIDI collection ACID 2 for Roland TB-303 & Clones, a collaboration with Gianfranco Carone featuring a batch of MIDI patterns specifically for Acid styles of music.

139 outstanding ACID melodies are ready to work for you. It is a library of the most diverse variations of Acid sound. And it’s a great for: Behringer TD-3, Roland TB-03, Roland TB-3, ABL3, Cyclone TT-303 MK1/2, Din Sync Re-303, Acidlab m303, Transistor Bass (FL Studio 20) plus any other ACID plugins or Hardware Synths, which can be used for recreation of that sound.

The styles, on which it’s based: ACID Techno, ACID Trance and ACID House. It’s all what you need for starting rock the new era of ACID music now!

The pack is priced 30 EUR at the NatLife Sounds store.