NatLife Sounds has released a new sound pack for the ZEN-Core synthesis system by Roland. Priced 32 EUR, True Trance Sounds V2 for ZEN-Core contains 65 presets, including bass, plucks, leads, pads, effects, and more.

You get in your hands a complete set of various sounds, 100 percent ready for use. The demonstration used nothing but the pure sound of a Zenology Pro. And it is gives you a full opportunity to understand what you get with this product. The sound palette of the sound pack is perfectly balanced between a warmth Virtual Analog sound and clear sharp of Digital. So it gives you an unlimited opportunity to use sounds in absolutely any style.

Also available is Cosmic Plucks V1 for u-he’s virtual analog synthesizer instruments Diva, a collection of 24 leads and 18 plucks.

It’s a complicated sound collection with all of Plucks & Lead colours in one pack. You can freely find a full of harmonic analog sound as and a clearly razor digital tuning. In that case presets perfectly complement each other. And of course, the main emphasis of this library is on cosmic sound, which you will get in full. No third-party effects, compressors or other sound thickeners were used in the creation of the demo track, everything that you hear did not pass third-party processing in any form, only pure Diva sounding.

Cosmic Plucks V1 for U-He Diva is available to purchase for 16 EUR.

More information: NatLife Sounds