NatLife Sounds has announced the release of Cosmic Plucks V1 for DS Thorn, a collection of 42 sounds for the Thorn software synthesizer by DS Audio.

NatLife Sounds Cosmic Plucks V1 for DS Thorn

The pack includes 24 leads and 18 plucks.

Another different dimesion of NatLife‘s vision for the pluck sound design. 42 completely different Plucks and Leads in one collection of sounds.

From powerful guitar riffs to soft and relaxing sounds, as if it was brought from uninhabited islands, from overflowing ‘basses in plucks’ to harmoniously trimmed Trance leads. Despite its Trance focus, this soundbank has no restrictions in the styles of use, covering everything possible and going to beyond of it.

Cosmic Plucks V1 for DS Thorn is available for 12 EUR.

More information: NatLife Sounds