NatLife Sounds has announced the release of new soundsets for software synthesizers by u-he, Synapse Audio, and Reveal Sounds.

True Trance Sounds V1 For Hive 2 (20 EUR) features a collection 70 presets for the Hive 2 plugin.

There is no need a lot of words for explaining how it sounds, it will enough with just a one Demo Track, which includes all types of needed Trance sounds in it, includes Plucks, Leads, Pads, Synth sounds and even Drum Sounds. Also you will find a great collection of Trance ARP’s, that is ready-for-use in your production.

Cosmic Plucks V2 For Dune 3 (16 EUR) delivers a fresh batch of plucks and lead sounds for Dune 3.

harp, fast, deep and powerful – a new specialized soundbank Pluck and Lead sounds for Synapse Dune 3 synthesizer. Cosmic Plucks V2 is 42 unimaginable sounds that take you into different spaces listening to each one individually. And by combining several together, you can get a very spatial picture of Leads. Use them on the example video demo and you will see an amazing effect.

Future MBass V1 For Spire (20 EUR) contains a selection of bass presets for Reveal Sounds’ popular Spire synth.

You will get a very accurate and well designed Spire Bass presets in Brazilian, Slap House and Future House styles. The one important thing is that all the sounds what you hear in the demo is clearly goes from Spire without any sound goodizer’s and other compressor’s or different limiters. In your hands will be a very massive & most modern sounds for instantly using.

More information: NatLife Sounds