NatLife Sounds has announced the release of its first soundset for the Synthmaster One software synthesizer by KV331 Audio.

True Trance Sounds V1 comes with around 30 true analog wavetables from various synths (Oberheim, Yamaha CS-5, Roland SH-09, Jupiter 8, Moog Minimoog, and more), delivering sounds that contain all the power of analog and digital in one synth.

This soundbank gives you a possibility to not use a tones of external effects and other soundgoodizers. You have all the different sounds just in one place! From rich modulated fx sounds to warm analog Leads, powerfull Basses and lushed Pads. To see a real work of Synthmaster One – you need to see our Video demo song.

Also the package include a full FL Studio 20 template. It contains all the wooshes and drum sounds, so you can easily recreate same project(in demo) on your computer.

True Trance Sounds V1 features

  • 7 Arps.
  • 18 Basses.
  • 4 FXs.
  • 6 Keys.
  • 11 Leads.
  • 7 Pads.
  • 7 Plucks.
  • FL Studio template with 54 wave samples.

The sound pack is on sale for 25 EUR, with parts starting from 15 EUR.

Also available is a new sound pack for the Repro synth from u-he.

The Repro 1/5 & FL Studio 20 Template pack features 32 presets for the Repro-1 and Repro-5 software synthesizer instruments and a template for FL Studio with over 300 patterns and 200+ modulations.

NatLife Repro FL Studio

NatLife Sounds presents you with a unique product – Repro 1/5 & FL Studio 20 Template, wich based on the Repro synth. Every step, Drum, Bass, FX, Lead, Pad or Woosh – comes from this synthesizer. With a using of this product – you can learn how to get any possible sound from Repro1/5. To get the maximum colours of sounds from the synthesizer, we spent around two months. And It is unlikely that you can find something similar in the market.

As for the style of the track in the template – this is a mixture of Progressive, Techno and Trance.

This sound library costs 25 EUR.

More information: NatLife Sounds