Natural Grooves Berkeley Sessions

Natural Grooves has announced the release of the Berkeley Sessions, the latest set in its series of downloadable drum loops.

The Berkeley Sessions contain over a thousand acoustic grooves to inspire any serious rock project. From straight ahead rock and roll to some funk stylings, the Berkeley Sessions contains a wide variety of options to build your next project.

“With our latest release, we’ve gone for clean, tight drums that sound like drums, given you lots of loops, and we’ve made this available for one of the most affordable prices around” said Natural Grooves Sales Director, Tommy Flanagan. “We captured the grooves of several accomplished rock drummers. We set them loose to a variety of different tempos and feels. We’ve recorded the beautiful sounds of a birch Pearl recording kit and made sure to complement the 1000+ loops with a matching set of multi-velocity drum samples from the kit used in recording the loops. ”

Natural Grooves’ tempo-based and song-style organization makes assembling drum tracks easy with groove loop patterns as well as fills, intros, endings, and more. All loops from the Berkeley Sessions will blend seamlessly as they were recorded in a single session (same room, same kit, same mix) and kick off your next project with rock-solid energy and attitude. Straight 4/4 rock feels, swinging pop rock shuffles, tom-based grooves, and snare grooves – truly a loop collection that will kick start your creativity with a rich rhythmic palette of essential patterns.

Included in many groove folders are half-time feels, shuffled/swung feels, tom grooves and more.

Berkeley Sessions features

  • More than 1100 loops and 125 multi-velocity drum/cymbal samples.
  • 1+ GB available as 24 Bit WAV or AIFF/APPLE LOOPS format.
  • Tempos from 60-180BPM.
  • 125 multi-velocity drum/cymbal samples.
  • Perfect for alt rock, power pop, punk, and indie rock tracks.
  • Tempo-grouped and song style organization.
  • Includes main grooves, groove variations, fills, breakdowns, and more.

The Berkeley Sessions complete set is available for $24.99 USD for a limited time.

More information: Natural Grooves