Naughty Panther DroneStation

Naughty Panther (Chris Randall of Audio Damage) has released DroneStation, a new music app for iPhone / iPod Touch.

DroneStation is a simple “analog-style” 2-oscillator synthesizer with an unique and easy-to-play control system.

There are four “keys” on the left side of the screen, and you can select the pitch of each key. If you touch or slide left/right, the volume of the note is affected. Moving your finger up/down bends the pitch of the note, resulting in a very expressive playing method.

On the right side, the X/Y pad controls LFO rate (left-right) and LFO depth (up-down). A short video is available on YouTube (search DroneStation).

The settings panel allows you to control the notes of the keys, and the filter, waveform, and pitch offset of the synth itself.

DroneStation is designed to allow easy synthesizer playing for the non-musician, yet enable subtle expression for the musician that isn’t available with most synths available on hand-held platforms.

DroneStation is available to purchase from the iTunes App Store, priced at $1.99 USD.

More information: Naughty Panther