Navi Retlav has released Missing Pieces – Octopulsethor, the second title in the Missing Pieces Refills collection.

Second piece from “Missing Pieces” Refills collection made by Navi Retlav. This time it focuses on sounds produced by famous “Thor” synthesizer combined with brand new Pulveriser, The Echo, Alligator and even Kong with Line6 amp effect devices from Reason 6.

There are 5 main folders inside this refill. All sounds are categorized in Pad, Bass, Synth, FX sub folders.

Missing Pieces Octopulsethor features

  • Total 666 sound patches for Reason 6 or above.
  • 256 Thor patches in 4 categories – Pad, Bass, Synth, FX.
  • 256 Single sound Combinator patches with Pulveriser, The Echo, Aligathor, KongFX, and Line6 amp effects.
  • 94 “Tripulsethor” Triple sound combinator patches.
  • 60 “Octapulsethor” combinator patches with eight thors, in double 4-way cross-fade and selective frequency filters system.
  • 35 Combinator skins in ART and reason clip colors style.
  • Reason Demo Songs.

Missing Pieces – Octopulsethor is available to purchase for $36 USD.

More information: Navi Retlav