Nektar has updated its Panorama keyboard controller’s deep integration for Cubase to version 1.5.

Nektar Panorama Cubase 1.5 integration

The upgrade includes a complete overhaul of the plugin map engine, adding capabilities to handle dynamically updated plugins. VST plugins such as Steinberg Halion, EW Play, NI Kontakt and Reaktor to name a few, can change configuration as patch changes make mapping difficult because of the dynamic updates as patches change. Panorama now handles all this, mapping parameters and updating parameter names automatically. With Panorama’s plugin “Learn” function, users can even create their own mapping for each patch and save for automatic recall, when the patch is loaded in the future.

To enable a greater degree of user flexibility and expand on user mapping options for plugins that are not yet supported by a Nektar map, Panorama now also offers 4 user pages for the main 8 encoders/4 display buttons and a fader page. That takes the amount of user configurable controls to a total of 73 for any given VST instrument plugin and 48 for VST insert plugins.

New Nektar plugin maps are also included for no less than 16 VSTi’s and 21 VST insert effects:

  • VST Instruments: AAS – Ultra Analog VA-2, Cakewalk – Session Drummer, D16 – LuSH-101, GSi – VB3, IK Multimedia – SampleTank 3, Kilohearts – kHs ONE, NI – Komplete Kontrol FM8, NI – Komplete Kontrol Monark, NI – Komplete Kontrol Razor, NI – Reaktor 5 Razor, NI – Reaktor 5 Monark, Plugin Boutique – VirtualCZ, ReFX – Nexus, Synapse – DUNE 2, Waldorf – PPG Wave 2.V, XFer – Serum.
  • VST Insert Effects: Sonic Charge – Permut8, SSL – Bus Compressor, SSL – Channel, SSL – Drumstrip, SSL- Vocalstrip, SSL – X-Comp, SSL – X-Eq, SSL – X-Phase, SSL – X-Saturator, SSL – X-ValveComp, SSL – X-Verb, U-he – Presswerk, UAD – Cambridge, UAD – Cooper Time Cube, UAD – CS-1, UAD – dbx 160, UAD – EL7 FATSO Jr, UAD – EL7 FATSO Sr, UAD – EX-1, UAD – Lexicon 224, Waldorf – D-Pole.

Additional Version 1.5 improvements include:

  • Motorized fader and associated Solo and Mute buttons follow track selection, even when outside of current bank on P4 and P6.
  • Elimination of track change latency when Vienna Ensemble Pro 5 vst3 is running.
  • Macro names now update for Absynth and Massive.
  • Track names appear under fader graphics in Mixer mode, for the currently selected bank.
  • Resolved issues related to track changes in some projects.

Panorama’s deep integration is compatible with Cubase 5, 6, 6.5, 7 and 8 as well as Nuendo 4.0 and up. The update is available for download for existing and new Panorama users as of April 15th, 2015.

More information: Nektar