Alliant Audio brings a twist of smooth Neo Soul and a Dilla-esque Hip Hop vibe with it new sample pack Neo Soul Essentials.

It’s filled with exceptional full grooves to throw right into your composition, and a bunch of tops, shaker and hat grooves to help shape your sound! Also included are some smooth electric guitar and bass licks/expressions, which are ESSENTIAL in making that Neo-Soul sound.

Find full instrument loops for you to resample or use as they are. Beautiful wavey keys bring that ‘Pete Rock’ soul sound, and a variety of textures will help to fill out your tracks. One more special addition is crunched organ and string-held notes to either throw straight in or re-pitch and/or side-chain.

Also available at Loopmasters is Lazy Dayz Hip Hop, featuring 590MB of loops and one shots.

Delve into the relaxing world of chilled Hip Hop with this perfect blend of jazzy guitar licks, bouncy bass, atmospheric synths, subtle keys and rolling drums.

Taking inspiration from many of the ChillHop greats, Lazy Dayz is packed with well processed and categorised live and synthesised sounds that can be used straight out of the box for arrangement. We even have some resampled synth patterns in there for you!

Neo Soul Essentials and Lazy Dayz Hip Hop are available for purchase for £18.95 GBP and £16.95 GBP, respectively.

More information: Alliant Audio