Neural DSP has announced an update to the Archetype: Cory Wong versatile amp suite designed to offer a wide variety of options for players in search of the perfect clean and edge-of-break-up tones.

Version 2.0.0 has been rebuilt with Neural DSP’s ATI algorithm, offering improved performance. The update also adds a brand new vintage chorus pedal, “The 80s”, as well as an extra-large window size, and a load of new artist presets.

It is hard to think of many artists that have been able to achieve what Vulfpeck has. The perfect combination of insane talent, fantastic music, and branding genius has taken them from their DIY roots to amassing an internationally revered cult-like fanbase, selling out Madison Square Garden. In that, Cory Wong has become a modern guitar hero, known for his unique playing style and perfect tone.

Changes in Archetype: Cory Wong v2.0.0

  • Added Artist presets.
  • Added “The 80s” Chorus pedal.
  • Added Extra-large window size.
  • Archetype Cory Wong has been rebuilt with our ATI algorithm, offering improved performance.
  • Updated IR interpolation engine.
  • The last selected window size is remembered by new plugin instances.
  • “The Wah-ng” position curve has been improved for better usability.
  • “The Wash” reverb has been upgraded, offering richer sound and an improved Shimmer.
  • “The Delay-y-y” delay has been optimized, offering improved sound quality and better CPU performance.
  • The automated parameters names have been updated to match the controls on the UI.
  • Fixed: An issue where the CPU usage scales additively at higher buffer sizes.
  • Fixed: An issue where the plugin window scales wrongly while using a 4K display.
  • Fixed: An issue where the “Delay-y-y” tempo knob switches to a different value when reopening the audio session.
  • Fixed: An issue where the “The Amp Snob” Drive channel is not set correctly, slightly changing the character of the amplifier.

Available in VST, AU and AAX plugin formats and as standalone software for Windows and Mac, Archetype Cory Wong is priced 119 EUR. The update is free to existing users.

More information: Neural DSP