New Atlantis Audio Physical Therapy Volume 2: Plucks, Pipes & Percussion

New Atlantis Audio has released Physical Therapy Volume 2: Plucks, Pipes & Percussion, a new ReFill for Reason 4.

The long-awaited followup to the acclaimed first edition, Physical Therapy II combines exotic physical modeled plucked string and mallet instruments with found sound hand drumming, organic wind tones and stereo wildlife footage to create a set of rich playable instrument ensembles unlike anything else you’ve heard.

With loads of hands-on control over tone, elements, effects and arpeggiations, these expressive instruments are designed for inspiration, exploration and fun. A great companion to the original or on its own, Physical Therapy II is sure to breathe new life into any music or scoring project.

Physical Therapy Volume 2 features

  • 73 Combinator Instruments and Ensembles.
  • 43 NN-19s.
  • 11 Rex Found Sound Hand Drum Loops.
  • 100 Hand Drum Hits.
  • 5 Stereo Nature Scenes.
  • 24 bit audio quality.

Physical Therapy Volume 2 for Reason 4 is available to purchase as an instant download for $29.99 USD.

Visit New Atlantis Audio for more information.