New Atlantis Audio has announced the release of Casúr, a deep-sampled cinematic hammered strings instrument for Reason and Ableton Live.

A custom virtual instrument designed to capture the rich, cinematic quality of the hammered dulcimer family, without compromise.

The hammered dulcimer takes many shapes, sizes and forms throughout history — From the Asian gut string “Kim” to steel Celtic beauties. While they sound downright majestic in person, sampling one can be a real pain…

Hyper-resonant acoustic body + a ton of super tight grouped strings + a human hand smacking it with a stick = sampling problems. So we designed our own take on it, with just a single adjustable bridge and saddle, allowing us to sample one isolated note at a time with perfect clarity and sustain. A metal dobro-like resonator drives a signature singing, chorus-like tone and takes it to a unique place of its own. The result is an amazingly expressive, rich instrument that will breathe life into any track.

Casúr features

  • Pristine 24bit/96khz stereo sampling.
  • 2.33 GB of audio.
  • 1,280 samples.
  • 11 articulations.
  • Up to 5x Round Robin.
  • 8 Dynamic Levels.
  • Includes core sampler instruments, as well as advanced instrument racks and Combinators for Reason & Ableton Live.

Casúr is available for purchase for $39 USD.