Blackout Music has launched the second release in its series of drum and bass sample packs, this time featuring sounds from State of Mind, Optical, Telekinesis and Counterstrike.

Blackout Sample Pack 002

With this series of sample packs label owners Black Sun Empire want to make it easier for producers, both at beginner and advanced levels, to come closer to the sound that Blackout is known and respected for.

Producing any kind of music is hard enough as it is, but perhaps this kind of drum’n’bass has over the years reached technical levels that are hard to achieve without a little help. Of course sample packs can be seen as an easy way to get a quick result, but we hope it will inspire people to push the envelope even further with the proper tools in hands.

For this a proper understanding of what came before is needed and maybe a small glimpse of where things are headed. Up to you to look at both and shape yours and our future.

Blackout Sample Pack #002 features

  • 364 samples and loops (24-bit/44.1kHz WAV).
  • 33 Kicks.
  • 33 Snares.
  • 33 Hihats & Percussion hits.
  • 93 Drumloops.
  • 60 Drumlayer loops.
  • 38 Bass Hits.
  • 42 Bass loops.
  • 25 Synth stabs.
  • 49 Synth loops.
  • 28 Fx hits.
  • 11 Fx loops.
  • Bonus: 25 Serum patches.

The sample pack costs 19.95 EUR.

More information: Blackout Music