New Loops has announced the release of its new Diva sound bank Diva Expansion 2, a new soundset featuring 76 sounds for the Diva virtual analog synthesizer instrument by u-he.

New Loops Diva Expansion 2

Geared towards cinematic music, soundtracks, and electronic dance music, the pack features massive analogue pads, beautiful keys and quirky emulations, as well as modern digital basses, trancey arpeggios and EDM plucks and synths.

While Diva Expansion 1 focused on exploring sounds, this sound bank aims to get you straight to the sound you need.

Every patch in Diva Expansion 2 has been carefully made with the mod wheel assigned. All patches are tagged, level matched and organised by type.

Diva Expansion 2 features

  • 76 new Diva presets.
  • 14 pads and strings.
  • 11 bass, wobbles and subs.
  • 11 synths and chords.
  • 9 arpeggios.
  • 9 plucks.
  • 9 leads.
  • 8 keys.
  • 5 sound effects.
  • Mod wheel assigned on each patch.
  • Named, tagged and level matched.

Diva Expansion 2 is on sale for £14.99 GBP until the end of February. The regular price is £19.99 GBP. Demo presets are available from the product page.

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More information: New Loops