New Sound Lab has launched NSL014 Gears & Wheels, a sound library featuring a collection of bicycle tire, freewheel, gear and chain recordings.

New Sound Lab Wheels & Gears

Two bike models were recorded: A Specialized Carve Expert (mountain bike) and a Bianchi Campione (city/road bike). A wide range of sounds were recorded, from conventional bike sounds (such as freewheel clicks, gear shifting and chain movements, acceleration with various speeds, coasting, and disc brake movements) to more experimental sounds, creating unique sound effects using various found objects on the tires and spokes (such as cardboard, wooden sticks, fabric, shoe soles, guitar picks, and paper).

Recordings were captured with a Sanken CSS-5 Shotgun mic. The shotgun microphone was mounted in a full Rycote windshield kit and connected to a Sound Devices 702 recording at 192khz. The contact mic recordings were captured with the Barcus Berry 4000 Planar Wave system.

All sounds in this release are offered in stereo 24bit 192khz Broadcast Wave format. Files are in a zip file, which includes a PDF with metadata.

Gears & Wheels features

  • 170 Broadcast Wave files (132 mono / 38 stereo) at 24bit 192khz.
  • Library size is 2.8GB.
  • All files are organized and tagged with metadata, compatible with Pro Tools, Audiofinder, Soundminer and other sound library management software.
  • Metadata PDF included.

The sound pack is available for purchase for $40 USD.

More information: New Sound Lab / NSL014 Gears & Wheels