New Sound Lab has released NSL005 Pacific Ocean and NSL006 Chorus Echo 501, two new sample libraries.

New Sound Lab Pacific Ocean

NSL005 Pacific Ocean features recordings of the Pacific Ocean at various locations along the beach within Refugio State Park.

The incoming waves collide with large rock formations, creating great wave impacts and rushing water through small channels and hollow rocks. A variety of mic placements at various distances from the ocean were used, from directly over the water to larger distances, recording ambience behind massive rock walls and inside natural beach caves. In addition, a hydrophone captured underwater currents from waves splashing into small tide pools on the rocks.

NSL005 Pacific Ocean features

  • 55 Broadcast Wave files at 24bit 96khz (38 stereo and 17 mono).
  • Library size is 2.24 GB.
  • All files are organized and tagged with metadata, compatible with Pro Tools, Audiofinder, Soundminer and other sound library management software.
  • Metadata PDF included.

New Sound Lab Chorus Echo 501

NSL006 Chorus Echo 501 features the classic 1980’s era Roland Chorus Echo RE 501 captured in 24bit 192khz HD format.

This library features 217 sounds processed by a mint condition Chorus Echo RE-501, including metal impacts, church bells, chainsaws, voices, and water. In addition, self-oscillation sounds from the RE-501 are included. All of these sounds can be used in a wide variety of ways and work well for both sound design and music production. The combination of the 192khz high resolution sample rate and the tape saturation/warmth from the Chorus Echo make these samples sound great when pitch shifted and/or time stretched, even at extreme settings.

NSL006 Chorus Echo 501 features

  • 217 Mono Broadcast Wave files at 24bit 192khz.
  • Library size is 859 MB.
  • All files are organized and tagged with metadata compatible with Pro Tools, Audiofinder, Soundminer.
  • Metadata PDF included.

Both libraries are available to purchase for $25 USD each.

More information: New Sound Lab