Splice has launched two new Splice Originals series sample packs.

For the Imdadkhani Sitar sample pack renowned Indian sitar player Abhik Mukerjee demonstrates a comprehensive collection of sitar artistry.

We recorded his arresting performance with a Bock 47 – Great River to fully capture every pluck, flutter, and slide, as well as the instrument’s rich overtones. The resulting loops and one-shots are beautiful, varied, and powerful: Mukerjee simultaneously bends notes and time.

This pack is especially recommended for use in any tracks that lead to the stratosphere.

Paradise Found with The Splice Orchestra comprises well over 300 loops and samples by a 15-piece orchestra.

Grab your sunscreen and pack your bags for the many pleasures of Paradise Found. Bask in the thick arrangements of sliding strings, washed-out woodwinds, drunken drums, sauntering synths, meandering marimbas and heavy harps, played in the lounge/exotica style perfected by Martin Denny, Arthur Lyman and Les Baxter.

All instrumentation is provided by the 15-piece Splice orchestra, with arrangements by Ian McLellan Davis, who has worked with Daniel Rossen and Feist. Birdsong and the sounds of jungle wildlife inhabit these laid-back loops and one-shots, too, a hallmark of the lounge records from that era.

We recorded everything live in one session on a beautiful API console at Rubber Tracks. These elements coalesce like a coconut cocktail to make Paradise Found a vacation with adjustable volume. Perfect for any style of music with any real style.

The sample packs are now available to Splice subscribers. New users can get 1 month free access to Splice by using promo code YT2021 when signing up for a plan.

More information: Splice Sounds