New Wave Presets has announced the release of Analog Drums Volume 3, a collection of 128 classic analog drum sounds for the Analog Keys and Analog Four by Elektron.

New Wave Presets Analog Drums Vol 3

These drum sounds were each carefully designed and are ready to use, but you can also use them as starting points to design your own great drum presets. Analog Drums 3 has 128 sounds to fill your ‘sound pool’, and when combined with ‘P-locks’ your Elektron synth becomes an awesome drum machine.

Analog Drums Volume 3 focuses on useful building blocks for creating great classic drum tracks. As with Analog Drums Vol 1 & 2 these drum sounds are also modeled after classic drum machines, and acoustic percussion instruments. They have been carefully selected and balanced to work together for kit building.

Analog Drums Vol. 3 features

  • 47 Kicks.
  • 44 Snares.
  • 15 Hats.
  • 1 Crash.
  • 17 Percussion Instruments (toms, shakers).
  • 4 SFX.
  • All drum presets are organized by drum type and alphabetically arranged.
  • For AK users all drums have useful parameters mapped to the modulation joystick.

The sound pack is available for $19 USD.

More information: New Wave Presets