Native Instruments has released a new Expansion series pack that pays homage to the retro-futuristic sounds of Detroit electro.

A collaboration with Alexkid, Mother Board features booming analog beats, funky chord stabs, and gritty vocoder chops sampled from vintage machines.

MOTHER BOARD is a modern take on the electro phenomenon that erupted from the debris of Detroit – machine music that conjured dreams of a utopian future.

Sampled from vintage machines, this Expansion explores the evolving interface between humans and technology. Beam the iconic sounds back to earth with acid chirps, stop-start rhythms, talkbox vocal chops, and every imaginable flavor of classic electro. MOTHER BOARD is the vessel you need to generate everything from funk breakbeats to sci-fi soundscapes.

Priced 49 USD/EUR, Mother Board contains 46 Maschine Kits, 40 Massive presets, 22 Monark presets, 354 Loops, 214 one-shots, and more.

More information: Native Instruments