Native Instruments has launched a promotion on two new products that are geared towards the cult Hip Hop sound.

Explore a playground of dusty textures and raw cuts inspired by the cult, sample-driven stylings of old-school underground hip hop. Dig through jazz, funk, and soul cuts, including kits chopped from original compositions in BURNT HUES, as well as live bass flavors, horns, strings, electric keys, and beyond in the STACKS Play Series instrument. Pick up both for a match made in hip hop heaven.

The Burnt Hues Expansion is where the sound of soulful sampled vinyl meets contemporary kit design with old-school flavors processed through original analog gear. Live percussion, bass and guitar licks, vintage keys and organs, classic synths, glocks, and more inspired by the building blocks of the classic, cult, hip hop underground. The expansion includes 50 Maschine kits, 59 Battery kits, 289 drum sounds, synth presets, and more.

With the new Play Series: Stacks instrument, Native Instruments offers organic textures and contemporary sound design. Stacks blends layers of funky horns and bass, smooth strings, vintage synths, and classic electric keys inspired by the sounds you’d hear digging through the crates. Explore 150 presets, and combine, tweak, or sequence patches for pads, leads, or bass that bangs.

Burnt Hues and Stacks are available now, priced 49 USD/EUR each. Until November 16th, you can purchase one and get a 50% discount on the other when purchasing them both.

More information: Native Instruments