Ryan Hickey has launched a Kickstarter project for funding the Niceman ‘Open Source’ Studio, a music studio that aims to offer new, affordable musical education services.

Niceman Studio

Picture this: a LIVE learning session via video chat with an experienced musician, producer, engineer, or composer, in question-and-answer format.

Introducing Niceman ‘Open Source’ Studio – A music studio bridging the gap between commercial and project studio through education and collaboration. Join niceman and his team of composers, musicians, and engineers as they open the doors of Niceman Studio to the public and develop some useful new tools for all musicians and audio pros. A Kickstarter campaign is running now through 2/14/16 to launch educationally-geared music services and make them known to the music-creating world.

Drawing from the ‘open source’ mentality that made the software world explode with innovation, niceman and his team aim to set a precedent in the music industry that makes it hip to share knowledge and techniques. Backers of the Kickstarter campaign will be funding the first music studio to take an ‘open source’ approach to studio services, catering to the growing number of musicians eager to learn recording/mix/mastering techniques in order to improve their home productions. By preordering the services through Kickstarter, backers will fund the launch of 5 cutting-edge, affordable musical education services, none of which currently exist in the format we’re developing. With this approach, they hope to form new relationships with studio clients, and from them, a repertoire of success stories.

The service that is especially exciting is the Virtual Q&A session, or “VQA,” which will be available nationwide. Using broadband audio-sharing and screen-sharing technology, you can learn about music production from your own home studio, while working on your own projects. Use a VQA to get help with a technical issue, learn general recording techniques, learn about new tools, or receive professional feedback on original work. The question-and-answer format allows you to get right down to the information you need, and get back to producing. Price will be only $25 per 45-minute session, with discounts for buying multi-session bundles.

The project is looking to raise $43,000 USD by February 15th, 2016. Various rewards are available to backers.

More information: Niceman Music / Niceman ‘Open Source’ Studio