Niche Audio has released Vital Vocals, a sample collection featuring one shot vocal hits.

We all know the most difficult part of finishing a track is that last 5% ingredient – the icing on the cake. Top producers all know exactly what that ingredient is, particularly when it comes to electronic based music. Its the ORGANIC ELEMENT. Something real the human brain can instantly connect with that often helps jettison your track in to another league.

Consider some of the best Electronic music ever made and often there will be an organic element – whether it be a piano, strings, a guitar, or a vocal. Just a hint of organic vibe is all thats needed to connect your song with the listener. Vocals are undoubtedly one of the best organic elements you can add to any of your songs.

Vital Vocals contains 256 one shot vocals compiled from almost every Niche Audio pack released to date. Whilst the pack isn’t genre specific like most of our packs, we are confident that regardless of your style you will always be able to find a vocal in this pack to fit your songs.

The sample pack is available for purchase for £24.95 GBP.

More information: Niche Audio / Vital Vocals