Nick's Tutorials

Nick’s Tutorials releases Sound Design in Ableton Live: Analog, a 3 hour 40 minute video tutorial series on the Analog synthesizer in Ableton Live.

Throughout the series, you’ll be guided all the way from a detailed explanation of the components of a subtractive synthesizer to a higher level of sound design through practical application. In addition to the videos, you’ll be given access to ready-made instrument rack presets so you can try out the instruments even before building them along with the tutorials.

Sound Design in Ableton Live: Analog topics

  • Thorough Coverage of Important Concepts such as Filters, Envelopes, LFOs, and More
  • Pulse Wave Modulation
  • Animating a Formant Filter to Simulate Human Speech
  • Using the Noise Generator to Add Extra Texture to Your Sound
  • Creative Macro Knob Mappings to Extend the Features of Analog
  • Parallel and Series Filter Routings for Truly Huge Sounds
  • Powerful LFO and Envelope Routing Possibilities, Including Commonly Overlooked Parameters
  • Creating Dynamic Performance Options with Velocity Modulation
  • Creating Animated Drums with Filtered and Enveloped White Noise Oscillators

Sound Design in Ableton Live: Analog is available to purchase for $40 USD.

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