Cycler Looper

Nicolas Lacoumette has announced Cycler Looper, a software that provides musicians with a simple yet extremely powerful set of looping tools.

Created to support all aspects of sound performances (playback, looping, remixing), it can be learned in one hour, and does not require expertise in digital audio.

Nicolas Lacoumette, a musician who designed award-winning audio software like the GURU rhythm system and the Krishna synthesizer, is behind this bold new product.

Cycler Looper excels by providing musicians with an extraordinary sense of freedom, far surpassing other computer-based solutions. Users create their own personalized loop station (like a turbocharged RC-50), with clear, engaging on-screen visual feedback.

Cycler Looper main features

  • Easy installation.
  • Quick learning curve.
  • Reliable and stable (Cycler Looper is a closed system, like Reason).
  • Synchronized multi-user support.
  • Lightning fast project loading.
  • Efficient user interface.
  • Clear, elegant on-screen feedback.
  • Very rapid set-up for live shows.
  • Reduces overall equipment requirements (cables, preamps, mixers…)

Cycler Looper technical features

  • 8 loopers et 8 players per user.
  • Auto Level correction on Record.
  • Internal Playlist system with various crossfade modes.
  • MIDI Board adaptive to any controller brand.
  • Advanced looping functions.
  • Peak detection on first loop (Perfect Match).
  • Free looping time, or adaptive to music (from 16th to 16 bars).
  • Easy and accurate Global latency detection.
  • 16 ins (stéréo/mono), 16 outs (stéréo/mono) manager.
  • Odd signatures.
  • Basic and graphical side chain compression effect system.
  • Base Effects : Delay, Resonnant Filter (hpf/bpf/lpf), Overdrive, Flanger/Chorus,Phaser, Reverb, Volume/pan/mute, Ring/Amp Modulator, Bit/Samplerate reduction, compressor, Sample/Loop Player.
  • Base Time Effects :Incarn, Reverse, Smooth, speed up, speed down, time stretch..
  • Modular and programmable effects.
  • Send/Return.

Cycler Looper is available to download from the Cycler Looper Facebook page.

More information: Cycler Looper