The Very Loud Indeed Co. has announced the release of Zebra Nillertoq, a collection of 120 brand new cinematic patches for the Zebra2 software synthesizer by u-he.

Covering diverse cinematic styles like action, thriller and drama, Zebra Nillertoq was inspired by the works of composers like Stephen Barton (Apex Legends), Tom Holkenborg (White Lines), Ludwig Göransson (Tenet), Daniel Pemberton (Rising Phoenix) and Henry Jackman (The Falcon And The Winter Soldier).

Many patches in Zebra Nillertoq use multiple Zebra lanes, so you can mute the lanes you don’t need if a patch is too busy for your purposes, or if you just want to use the sound in a particular lane. Zebra Nillertoq also makes extensive use of the modulation wheel. In many cases, it may completely change the patch into something totally different, so we encourage you to have fun with it.

Zebra Nillertoq is available for $29 USD.

Zebra + HZ Nillertoq features an additional 120 modified presets for the ZebraHZ customized version of Zebra2. This pack is $39 USD.

More information: The Very Loud Indeed Co