Nine Volt Audio Big Bad Guitars Direct

Nine Volt Audio has released Big Bad Guitars Direct, a clean, uneffected, uncompressed, direct-to-the-board version of the Big Bad Guitars loop collection.

With today’s wide range and affordability of amp simulation plug-ins (many of which now come bundled with sequencers) embracing the huge range of guitar tone options that are available has never been easier.

Big Bad Guitars Direct features

  • 738 files for each format: REX2, Stylus RMX, Apple Loops and ACIDized Wav. Each part is presented as a mono, single guitar part, and an accompanying stereo loop with each part panned hard left and right.
  • Organized into 16 “mini-song” suites. Each suite contains clearly labeled song parts, riffs, string “scrapes” and sustained chords for endings and breaks.
  • 130+ “remix” style guitar loops from Big Bad Guitars that feature filtered, “stuttered” and effected sounds designed to take each suite to the next level.
  • Any of the REX-based loops (used in Stylus RMX and Reason) can be used at tempos as slow as 76 BPM.
  • “Toolbox” section of straight-ahead 8th and 16th note palm-muted power chord loops, designed to supplement any suite or stand on their own as the backbone to any track.
  • Using Big Bad Guitars Direct within Stylus RMX requires the user to drag-and-drop only one folder into RMX’s included S.A.G.E. Converter. No further organization is needed.
  • All loops are in 24-bit/44.1kHz resolution.

Big Bad Guitars Direct is available as a download for $99.99 USD. Owners of the standard version of Big Bad Guitars can upgrade for $34.99 USD. Save $65 USD when purchasing Big Bad Guitars and Big Bad Guitars Direct together.

More information: Nine Volt Audio