Nine Volt Audio RMX tutorial videos

Nine Volt Audio has added a new video tutorial to their free online video series: Morphing the Mix with Stylus RMX.

The video is a 10-minute step-by-step tutorial showing Stylus RMX users how to combine a few simple techniques to create dramatic sounding affects, all of which can be controlled in real-time.

Specific techniques covered include:

  • Combining Effects in RMX’s Master FX rack.
  • Using RMX’s “MIDI Learn” function to control a multitude of parameters with your keyboard’s mod wheel.
  • How to create and save your own “Morphing” effect presets for use in any project.

Eight free “Morphing” RMX effect presets can be downloaded, including the main one featured in the tutorial.

Visit Nine Volt Audio for more information and a link to view these tutorial videos.