Nine Volt Audio Melodic REX: Electronic Edition

Nine Volt Audio has released Melodic REX: Electronic Edition, a collection of melody lines, textural leads and groove-based tonal loops in the REX2 format.

By crossing electronic sound sources with beat-synced filters, swirling delays, modulators and a range of other sound design tools, Melodic REX’s 500+ loops can be used quickly and easily as melodic focal points in a track or as rich, tonal backdrops.

Melodic REX: Electronic Edition features

  • 503 REX2 files organized into 50 suites covering a tempo range of 80-139 BPM. Using the loops within Stylus RMX requires the user to drag-and-drop only one folder into RMX’s included S.A.G.E.™ Converter.
  • 29 combo suites that present an “A” and “B” loop group. Loops in combo suites play with and counter to one another creating multi-part musical passages and the ability to create fuller sounding mixes.
  • Any of the REX2-based loops (used in Stylus RMX, Reason, and most major sequencers like Cubase, Live, Sonar, Digital Performer, ProTools, Logic) can be used at tempos as slow as 60 BPM.
  • Also contains the Apple Loop, ACIDized Wav and Reason ReFill formats, all in 24-bit/44.1kHz resolution.
  • All loop file names identify the musical key and/or chord progression.
  • Available on DVD or via Download.

Melodic REX: Electronic Edition is available now for $99 USD.

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