nLab Synthesis has announced Monolite Poly K, a synthesizer instrument for Native Instruments Reaktor.

nLab monolite poly k

A perfect companion for experimental, noise, ambient and fx sound designers thanks to its extensive sonic capabilities.

Monolite Poly K features

  • Monophonic/Polyphonic/Drone Play Mode for extreme flexibilty.
  • 4 dependent Oscillators, 2 Post Oscillators Clipping mode plus a Tone Cut Filter to create unique timbres.
  • Pre-Filter Grainer unit for granular processing.
  • Pre-Filter Fx unit with 17 different effects with automizable X-Y pad controller.
  • 4 Filter Mode (LP 4, HP 2, BP 2, LP 3 + Notch) with Envelope Amount and Keyboard tracking.
  • 2 Clockable LFOs with different waveforms (Sine, Tri, Pulse, Random, Random Hold).
  • 4 Modulation Slots to allows a wide range of sonic sculpting.
  • 2 ADSR Envelope (Amp Envelope and Env 2) with Velocity and Glide function.
  • Crush Effect.
  • High Quality Reverb and Delay with two routing options.
  • Two-Knob Master Equalizer.
  • Simple interface with superb Waveform Display.

Monolite Poly K for Reaktor is available for 14 EUR. Requires Reaktor 5.9.2 or later.

More information: nLab Synthesis / Monolite Poly K