NGM Recording Studio has announced the release of Sidesticks, a free drum sample pack comprising 396 sidestick sounds.

The pack includes samples from 6 snare drums, providing a wide palette of sounds from vintage Ludwig to modern Tama.

Mixing good drums it’s not so easy, and samples comes handy when recordings are not so good. So many great kick and snare samples out there, but when it comes to side stick we always struggle to find something cool. So we decided, here at nmg recording studio, to create a series of drum samples that cover those drum sound that always remain unsampled.

We recorded with our beautiful API 1608 Console using great mics (u47, coles, royer, neumann, shure and akg… full list on website) and some great outboards. You get the Slate Trigger 2 files with some preset created for each snare and the single shots folder if you’re using other software.

The sample pack is available for download from the NGM website.