No Dough Music has announced the launch of its three NDS sample packs via the Sounds to Sample web-site.

Until now, our NDS packs were available through our own web-site. Sounds to Sample approached us and as one of the best sites out there for professional producers to stock up their sampler, it seemed a great match to the way we like to do things and a logical next step to widen our audience. So we are happy to present three of our NDS packs available right now on their excellent website.

No Dough sample packs at Sounds To Sample

The packs available now are: House Music, Super Alpha and Classic FM.

All of our NDS packs from now on will be available through Sounds to Sample, with the release of NDS-4 “Samplered” right round the corner. I am also announcing NDS-5 will follow shortly also, this pack will be based around the sound of Oberheim synthesisers.

No Dough Samples are all about tone, warmth and musicality. Every single pack is created to give the producer something special inside their sampler or DAW. The most talented sound design and the latest techniques and technology are harnessed to create collections bursting with the sounds and tones of some of the most sought after hardware. Each pack is designed to sound great right out of the box, using the best sounding equipment, custom kit and vintage hardware – all sampled in pristine quality and put together by hand individually. We feature classic favourites as much as we do contemporary sounds, to try and offer a comprehensive tool for the producer looking to get a little more hardware vibe in their music. No Dough’s passion is all about capturing the music in things, not just the sound.

More information: No Dough Music