No Dough Music has announced the release of NDS-1 House Music, a sample library for professional producers, featuring an unparalleled tonal variety and a wide range of sounds in 3 huge sections covering Synths, Bass, Drums and Loops.

No Dough Music NDS-1 House Music

The first in our Premium range of Sample-Packs for the Professional Producer, NDS-1’s extensive collection of samples offers the highest levels of quality and workability bringing together great tones in an instantly usable way. Clever and user-friendly features such as Kontakt4 custom front-ends and the addition of midi files for all loop compositions are built-in to this high-end pack meaning your music will benefit from the quality, sought after sounds of the best equipment enabling you to concentrate on what matters most when composing … creativity.

Offering a selection of exclusive tonal characteristics for each sound, this pack puts into your hands the sounds of some of the most enduring outboard equipment including Studer 1/4 Tape Machines, SSL Compressors and custom built Outboard EQ in specially designed chains, specifically tweaked to add musicality to your sound.

Providing unrivalled structure, NDS-1 is supplemented by the tools and technology that allow the modern producer the ability to concentrate on writing great music with unique and cutting edge results that may otherwise be prohibitively expensive.

NDS-1 House Music features

  • Over 4000 drum and percussion hits sampled through 2 classic tape machines and a crunchy MPC.
  • 250 inspirational bassline and synth loops provided in Wav, Recycle and MIDI formats.
  • 53 multi-sampled instruments featuring expertly crafted sounds from a mixture of modern and classic analog synthesizers such as the Juno60, AlphaJuno, Jx3p and Oberheim’s.

The NDS-1 House Music sample pack is available to purchase for £39.99 GBP.

More information: Sound Factory / NDS-1 House Music