Nob Control has launched a Kickstarter campaign for nOb, a very precise, endless knob controller.

nOb is a very precise, generic, endless knob controller. It was designed with the author in mind, who wants to adjust any type of parameter during demanding media production.

By intelligently emulating a Human Interface Device (NOT simply implementing a mouse scroll wheel), nOb is able to control virtually any parameter you would normally adjust with your mouse, delivering out-of-the-box compatibility with any operating system and software package. You simply have to point your mouse cursor to the parameter you want to control and use nOb’s big knob to fine-tune it to taste. Based on the current mode of operation, any draggable interface element found in modern media production software can be controlled, including sliders, scrollbars, knobs or even draggable value indicators.

The campaign aims to raise 52,000 EUR by January 27th, 2016. Various pledge rewards are available.

More information: Nob Control