Ghost Syndicate’s latest entry in the ever-evolving Dubstep legacy embraces the dark side.

Directly inspired by the minimalist sound of Alix Perez, Nocturna skims the cream of the latest influences of the Dubstep scene and offers a versatile sample library chock-full of dark and trippy sonic material.

The pack includes:

  • Tight and punchy beats with hard-thumping kicks and razor-sharp snares and claps.
  • Measured minimal percussion with crickety hats, drum-machine cymbals, and much more.
  • Searing basses with huge, overwhelming subs and predatory acidic mids.
  • Chemical atonal synth lines, pads, and loops.
  • Loads of fashion FX, including hazy pitched vocals, trippy lazers, swanky glitches and various blippety-boops for maximizing dancefloor excitement.

Another batch of Dubstep sounds comes in the shape of Radikal, which sits somewhere between trippy lazer-driven rave bonanza, and classical creeping triplet-heavy Dubstep workouts.

Infused in the darkest and coldest of places, and honed by our tireless craftsmen to the point of nigh perfection, RADIKAL presents an impressive toolset wherein you’ll meet heavy beats with sparse percussion and harsh metallic edge, supersaturated shuffling tops, dirty minimalistic wobblers as well as noisy distorted subs, and for deserts, analogue synth loops in all sorts of different shapes and colours: neurotic plucks, back-stabs, gloomy pads and foreboding music loops – all set to breathe that damp and toxic air into your tunes!

Crossing over to Halfstep Drum & Bass, the Debris pack delivers over 670 MB of rough and raw material aimed at fabricating jaw-dropping awe-inspiring post-apocalyptic sci-fi soundscapes paced at around 170/85bpm.

Strewn together from pieces of rusted scrap, crushed spaceship computer parts, malformed control panels, distorted circuit boards, lumps of unidentified meteorite ore and warped clusters of unrefined void energy, DEBRIS is here to help you breathe some gripping cosmic dystopia vibes into your tunes.

The sample packs are available at Loopmasters, priced £19.95 GBP each.

More information: Ghost Syndicate