Noiiz has added a new batch of sample packs to its library of royalty free sounds.

Celestial Footwork by Jeka Jones features a collection of loops and samples with a mix of Trap, Juke and Footwork.

Jeka Jones Celestial Footwork

On the look out for quirky dance elements decorated by abstract sound design, then this pack might be the exact remedy for slipping into a recognisable but also undefined sound world, leaving enough space for you to put your own stamp on your project. Inside you will find contorted pads, hard hitting drum loops, a giant library of trap, Juke and Footwork elements.

A variety of dynamics and tones throughout, this pack will enable you to explore and approach the world of Footwork and Trap from a more cinematic/emotional angle.

Julien Mier has released Texturology, a 528 MB collection of loops and one shots.

Julien Mier Texturology

This pack is focused on the timbre and morphed possibilities of organic recordings and digital processing techniques.

With an eye on keeping it real and analog, this collection is perfect for seasoning your beats with layers of otherworldly atmospheres. Also it contains a big archive of melodic content that you can manipulate infinitely in all shapes to fit into your songs!

Dark Emotive Electronica by MrJonnyBatch offers hours of field recordings that have been edited, tuned, manipulated and processed through many software and hardware effects to create a warmth and character.

MrJonnyBatch Dark Emotive Electronica

Dark Emotive Electronica is a collection of 250 24bit 135BPM Wav Drum Loops, Percussion Loops, Bass Loops, Instrument Loops and SFX Loops and 150 Drum One-Shots inspired by artists such as Burial, Four Tet and Floating Points.

This Dark moody sample pack will bring warmth and character to your productions ranging through dubstep, garage, house and electronica.

Rhythmic Evolution by MegaBit is an exploration of rhythmic expression within the harmonic realm.

MegaBit Rhythmic Evolution

Ranging from the calm tranquillity of the Indian Harmonium and Toy Pianos, the rustic joy of a varied range of Percussive element, to both the crisp and clean rhythm synths and down right mangled pads, this pack has it all!

If you are fed up with the normal ‘4/4’, then this is the pack for you! Covering a wide range of energetic tempos (140bpm – 180bpm) and not afraid to play around with your sense of rhythm, with multiple explorations into the world of 5/4 and 3/4 as well many cross rhythmic elements, this pack should provide what you need for fill your rhythmic/harmonic cravings.

The pack encompasses elements drawn from vintage, analogue gear, acoustic instruments, both standard and more unusual and unique, paired with and the modern world of computer generated sound design and processing to create a truly unique sound world.

With influences from Jazz, Folk and Dance/Electronic music, R:E is a varied and eclectic collection of sounds that should help and inspire you to create some unique and interesting music of you’re own.

The Nature’s Essence pack by Tontario captures the essence of Scandinavian nature like never before, offering tools to create cinematic soundscapes for any genre of music.

Tontario Nature's Essence

A JOURNEY LIKE NO OTHER Close your eyes and immerse yourself with the magical soundscape of a Scandinavian forest. Nature’s Essence is a heartfelt and ever so cinematic compilation of sounds inspired by nature’­s captivating yet vulnerable beauty. Bursting with organic details, Nature’s Essence is your premier getaway into a journey like no other.

CRAFTED WITH LOVE Produced & recorded by an aspiring Finnish producer Tony Lagerstrôm, also known as Tontario, Nature’s Essence is undoubtedly this young prodigy’s finest work to date. Hundreds of hours spent in both studio sessions and field trips in Finland’s vast forests come together to a pack, where every detail, every sound and every moment is a testament to Lagerstrôm’s love towards his craft.

TRANSCENDING GENRES The Nature’s Essence sample pack contains over 250 loops and 150 one shots in high quality 24-bit Wav format. With multiple elements perfect for almost any genre of music, let your imagination run wild and explore new possibilities with the ever-diverse collection of recordings that Nature’s Essence will grant to your disposal.

Fragile Melodies sees Fold explore a more delicate, fragile & evocative direction.

Fold Fragile Melodies

Toying with spatial effects, moods and emotions, this bespoke sample collection is packed full of only the most beautiful of loops, one shots and samples. From dusty old piano phrases to worn and twisted synth arpeggios, each loops offers a true sense of inspiration and nostalgic comfort.

Inside this unique sample collection you’ll find some of Fold’s favourite tones and textures. From warm tape driven bass frequencies to pin point accurate piano recordings, manipulated post-rock inspired guitars to ambient washes and more, this really is a thing of patient and splendour.

Juxtaposing each delicate element is the super processed glitched out drums and percussion loops that act as a stunning counter point to the huge amount of warm, hissing melodies nestled inside.

As if you needed more Fold has also included a boutique collection of tasty piano, synth, drum and bass one shots all guaranteed to take off that digital edge from your next composition. As always, we’ve loaded them into your favourite samplers as well to make writing that bit easier for you.

The new packs are available as part of the Noiiz subscription, starting at $16.58 USD/month.

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