Noiiz has launched Tribal House, a sample pack featuring a collection of complex, raw drum rhythms, exotic lead instruments and rhythmic basslines by MrJonnyBatch.

The pack comes with all the ingredients to create pulsating, rhythmic dance productions that will transport your audience into a hypnotic trance.

‘Tribal House’ was formed using a combination of field and acoustic recordings and a mixture of synths such as the Moog Minotaur and Access Virus-C. Each sample has been processed through various software effects such Slate Digital, Soundtoys and Waves plugins.

Each one-shot and loop sample has been compressed and equalised to emphasise their natural frequency range and volume, to make it easy to simply drag and drop into pre-existing productions.

Noiiz subscribers can now download Tribal House. New users can sign up for a Noiiz Unlimited subscription for just $99 USD/year until January 12th, 2018 (regular $199 USD/year).

More information: Noiiz