Noise Engineering has announced availability of its new Pura Ruina, a multiband FWR distortion with extensive CV control.

Pura Ruina is the final module in Noise Engineering’s Distortion of the Month series for 2019.

Noise Engineering Pura Ruina module

Pura Ruina takes distortion in a new direction. While processes like wavefolding are common in Eurorack, full-wave rectification is an unusual spin on waveshaping distortions. Pura Ruina has a dry stage plus three independent stages of rectification with individual outputs. The CV-able level controls and sum output add to the fun. With this much control, the amount of harmonic content generated from even simple waveforms like sine waves is immense and unexpected.

Pura Ruina’s uses are quite diverse: it can make an interesting replacement for a traditional wavefolder in a Buchla-esque complex oscillator setup, create wild new sounds processing percussion, delicately shape harmonics when designing sounds from scratch, and much, much more. If you’re looking for a new way to shape your sounds in radical ways, Pura Ruina is for you.

Pura Ruina is in stock and available now, priced at $180 USD.

More information: Noise Engineering