Noise Engineering is showing three new Eurorack modules at this year’s NAMM Show.

Univer Inter is a completely customizable MIDI-to-CV interface. It includes USB MIDI, TRS MIDI in and out, and 8 ⅛” outputs that can be configured as pitch, gate, CV, trigger, or any other parameter you could desire.

In addition to MIDI to CV, you can use it as a bidirectional MIDI to USB adapter. Chain two and get up to 8-voice polyphony. The simple web-based configuration means no installing difficult-to-use programs — all in 6hp.

Virt Iter is a 6hp stereo oscillator with tons of modulation options. It is based on a new stereo oscillator platform.

Virt Iter has three different stereo oscillator modes with CV, and audio-rate phase modulation per side.

Multiple firmwares add to the extreme flexibility of the module. Updating the module is incredibly easy via the back-panel micro USB port; the module doesn’t even need to be connected to Eurorack power.

Desmodus Versio is a 10hp reverb with a Noise Engineering touch.

Seven controls and two sets of three interacting modes make it sonically rich. Morph all the way from relatively simple delay effects, spring-like echoes, huge shimmer-style reverb, infinite distorting havoc, and much, much more.

Both VI and DV are the first modules on Noise Enineering’s new user updatable platforms: watch for more oscillators (6hp) and effects (10hp) that can be swapped out.

Visit Noise Engineering at NAMM, booth 10502.

More information: Noise Engineering