Noise Engineering has announced the availability of a new compact four-channel VCA. Quantus Ampla is not just any VCA, it comes with some unique normalizing, mixing, and CV options, and a bit of NE flair, you can use it for tons of stuff.

From the top, each channel has two independent modes: Amplify, which gives you normal VCA response, and Attenuate, which makes the VCAs close instead of open in response to positive CV.

The CV inputs are circularly normalled, so you can easily create ducking effects over multiple voices, volume fades, and transitions, all with minimal patching. Plus, the outputs mix down, so it can be two two-channel mixers, a 3-channel mixer plus a VCA, a 4-channel mixer…mix and match to your heart’s content.

Did we mention it’s DC-coupled? Yep, you can use it to process CV signals, too. You can never have too many VCAs. Your Quantus Ampla is waiting for you.

The Eurorack module is available for purchase for $169 USD at the Noise Engineering website.