Noise Makers has announced an update to the Ambi Bundle HD complete kit for creating 3D audio scenes in a minute, ready to embed in 360 videos and immersive experiences.

Ambi Verb HD now supports custom 3rd order ambisonic impulse responses. Previously limited to 4 channels, custom IRs with up to 16 channels can now be used, Ambi Verb HD will handle all necessary convolutions.

Ambi Head HD adds a UDP port setting to communicate to multiple headtrackers. UDP port number is set to 4040 by default to receive rotation data from Ambi Eyes (connected to a VR headset). It can be adjusted for each plugin instance to communicate with a specific headtracker. Ambi Head HD is natively supported by NVSonics/RJ Labs and T3 headtrackers for a plug and play experience. Compatibility with NXOSC is also possible with an additional Max patch.

The update also fixes a bug with Ambi Head HD, adding 3dB to Facebook 360 O3 filters to match the gain of FB360 Control plugin. Ambi Pan HD receives a fix for a transparent window that was opaque on some recent versions of macOS.

Version 1.4 of Ambi Bundle HD is free for all customers. All Noise Makers plugins have been tested successfully on macOS Big Sur.

More information: Noise Makers