VST Buzz is offering over 80% off on the FrozenVerb audio effect plugin by NoiseAsh, a versatile, huge, hyper stereo algorithmic reverb unit that delivers quick results with easy access to mission critical controls.

The plugin is designed for getting very fast, powerful and high quality reverb sound.

“FrozenVerb” provides richer, deeper or brighter tails that will sit beautifully in the mix. In addition to the reverb engine, it has an extra Stereo Widener and EQ units.

You can control and automate all of the parameters. We especially recommend making automation experiments on Freeze button!

The extensive sentient DSP Engine allows you to easily re-produce a wide range of reverb characteristics, such as shining vocal reverbs, realistic room simulations, very long or even infinitive reverb tails, synth pad effects and everything in between!

FrozenVerb features

  • Real time Natural Sounding Algorithmic Reverb tails.
  • Extra-ordinary reverb freezing engine in order to create cool atmospheric effects.
  • Explore 13 inspiring presets in two categories or create & save your own!.
  • Built in stereo widener.
  • 4 band Solid State equalizer.
  • Resizable GUI.
  • CPU friendly.

As part of the Summer of Sound Design sale, FrozenVerb is only 19 EUR until August 4th, 2020.

More information: VST Buzz