NoiseAsh has announced the release of an update for all of its plugins. NEED Collection (v1.1.2), Rule Tec Collection (v1.8.8) and Palmary Collection (v1.3.9) now all have native Apple Silicon support for AAX.

Other changes in the update includes a new preset dropdown list that allows you to access presets quickly and easily, in addition to the highly advanced full bank-category edited preset browser system.

A new draggable UI resizing option allows you to set the interface size on the screen. It has the same functionality as the GUI resizer option on the settings menu. With the cursor you can grab the right or bottom border and drag to the desired width or height. The peak meters in the bottom bar have been improved to provide the input and output levels more accurate and quickly.

Lastly, the update comes with improved DSP and UI performance, and a crash issue on load has been fixed.

The updates are available to all NoiseAsh plugin owners, and new users can take advantage of a discount on all plugins and bundles during the Spring Sale.

More information: NoiseAsh