Noisebud has announced the release of an effect plugin that lets you quickly determine if there are any aliasing artifacts in your mastering or mixing chain.

NoLias runs a customized sine sweep through your chain, allowing you to hear if there is any aliasing.

NoLias for Windows and Mac (VST/VST3 and AU) is only available at Noisebud’s Patreon site. Membership is $5 USD/month and you will get access to download all the Noisebud branded plugins, which currently includes:

  • Listen 3 ($25 USD value): Upgrade your monitor control.
  • Smile 3.5 ($10 USD value): Deharsh with ease.
  • Fletchy-Muncher 2.0 ($5 USD value): Find that harshness.
  • Steijing 2.0 ($10 USD value): Fine-tuned gain staging.
  • Beta of Skyline 2 ($25 USD value).
  • Legacy Bundle (All the old 32-bit plugins for Windows, about 20 plugins, $59 USD value).
  • Alpha of Compadre: Compare different plugins, different masters or mixes.

More information: Noisebud