Noisefirm has announced the release of Noisefirm Handbell, a Kontakt instrument that features a 5-octave set of Schulmerich handbells recorded in Nashville, TN. The package also includes presets for Apple EXS24 and Ableton Live Sampler, as well as 170 ‘one-shot’ samples.

Noisefirm Handbell

Schulmerich is the world’s largest producer of handbells. Innovators since 1935, the craftspeople of Schulmerich have brought the glorious sounds of bell music to more people and places than anyone else in the world. Over 80 years, they have refined their skills and methods through a perfect blend of tradition and technology, yielding the finest bell products in the world, and bell sounds that are – quite simply – unparalleled.

Noisefirm Handbell features

  • The Interface:
    • Control for switching between Mute, Ring, and Shake articulations.
    • Independent damping release sample level control.
    • Attack and Release controls for sculpting the right shape.
    • Unique Panning Engine to reproduce various ensemble setups.
    • Convolution reverb featuring IR samples of a beautiful cathedral space.
    • Switchable wood textures to make articulation changes easy to see.
  • Kontakt (full retail version 5 and newer):
    • Multi-sampled 5-octave Handbell Set recorded in Nashville, TN.
    • Fully custom GUI.
    • Powerful KSP scripting to improve instrument performance.
    • Nearly 600 samples of various articulations.
    • 15 included presets to jumpstart your creativity.
    • Infinite loop points for shake articulation.
    • Included convolution reverb of authentic cathedral space.
  • Ableton Instrument Rack (for Ableton Sampler):
    • Convenient macro controls for maximum usability.
    • All articulations available from a single instrument.
    • Built-in effects controls for reverb.
  • Apple Logic EXS24:
    • One patch for each of the different articulations.
    • Infinite loop points for the ‘Shake” articulation.
  • Additional Content/Info:
    • 170 “one-shot” WAV samples for dropping into any DAW.
    • Requires 911 MB of free disk space (uncompressed).

The sample library is available for purchase for $49 USD.

More information: Noisefirm / Noisefirm Handbell