Noiseguild 24 Tone Gongs 2 Bows & Rubs

Noiseguild has announced the release of 24 Tone Gongs 2: Bows & Rubs, the Kontakt instrument library featuring the sounds of a massive tuned orchestral gong collection.

This is the second result from our ongoing recordings of a big set of melodic gongs, recorded in an anechoic chamber. These are the Bows&Rubs and they are all sustained sounds but in timbre they range from the beautiful soft and tender to hair-raisingly harsh.

These sounds emanated from the same beautiful instruments as the Mallets&Sticks but they’re completely different, they share the same heritage though and therefore sound really good together! Only difference is that we used even 8 more gongs to get a greater variety of sounds, so this should have been called 32 ToneGongs.

24 Tone Gongs 2: Bows & Rubs features

  • 5 programs, Bows, Rubs and Bowed Harshly together with bows and rubs in the expression controller mode.
  • Real anechoic recordings meaning that the gongs can be convincingly placed in various venues using your reverb of choice. No reverb on reverb sound.
  • Expressive controller modes. For both the Bows and the Rubs there’s a special mode included for use with one of the recent generation of controllers like the Seaboard, Continuum or Linnstrument.
  • Timbral Variance Round Robin switch makes for a bigger timbral diversity when set to on by repitching other gongs to the note played.
  • 4.8 GB uncompressed / 1.03 GB compressed sample content.
  • Requires Kontakt 5.5.1 or higher (full version).

Bows & Rubs is available for purchase for the introductory price of 89 EUR until September 20th, 2016 (regular 120 EUR). A bundle with Mallets & Sticks is on sale for 199 EUR (regular 220 EUR). Prices excl. VAT.

More information: Noiseguild / 24 Tone Gongs 2: Bows & Rubs