Noizefield has announced the release of Kick Machine, a free sample-based kick drum machine plugin for Windows.

Noizefield Kick Machine

In cooperation with the swedish developers of infected sounds (JB and CPS), Noizefield has released a new samplebased kick drum machine for free.

It’s suitable for EDM, Techno House and Dance. Just register at our page or if you’ve got an account already simply log in and grab it. Enjoy it!

Kick Machine features

  • 2 oscillators.
  • 1 pitch envelope.
  • 1 filter1 osc.
  • 1 filter2 click.
  • 1 amp-envelope.
  • 1 click-envelope.
  • 1 pitch-envelope.
  • 1 decimator.
  • 1 EQ.
  • Includes 48 presets.

The Kick Machine plugin is a free download for Windows (32-bit VST).

More information: Noizefield