Nomad Factory has announces the British Bundle, a new addition to the Retrology Series.

We digitaly recreated the Equalizer and Master Bus Compressor/Limiter which were part of a well known ‘British’ mixing console. Designed to improve the quality of digital sound recordings, this plug-ins provide a simple and functional “vintage-style” interface, as well as low CPU consumption for lightening-fast processing.

The British Bundle includes:

  • Nomad Factory British MLC-2269
    British MCL-2269 — A Master Compressor Limiter modeled from the legendary 2254 compressor. The British MLC-2269 is a simple and elegant Master Compressor Limiter (MCL). The British MCL-2269 is the perfect choice for a truly “British-Style” vintage compression sound by adding warmth and vintage compression to your music.

    • Modeled from the legendary 2254 compressor.
    • Input and Output level controls.
    • Vintage Compressor section.
    • Vintage Limiter Section.
    • Phase reverse switch.
    • Overload ‘Clipper’ soft-knee limiter.
    • Vintage Gain Reduction VU Meters.
  • Nomad Factory British NEQ-1972
    British NEQ-1972 — A Four-Band equalizer modeled from the classic-vintage 1081 EQ module. The British NEQ-1972 is a simple and elegant “British-Style” four-band equalizer with a low pass and high pass filters. The NEQ-1972 provides ± 18 dB of gain and switchable High-Q settings. The British “Nomad-EQ” NEQ-1972 is the perfect choice for a truly “British-Style” vintage EQ sound by adding an exceptional tone and character to your music.

    • Modeled from the classic 1081 EQ module.
    • High Pass and Low Pass filters 24 dB/octave.
    • 4-band equalizer with Frequency, Gain and Shapes controls Boost / Cut up to 18 dB.
    • Phase reverse switch.
    • Vintage switch control.
    • Modern Light Meters.

Both plug-ins support VST, AU and RTAS for Windows and Mac (Intel & PPC) and support 24 bit / 192 kHz.

The British Bundle will be available December 1, 2008 for $299 USD.

Visit Nomad Factory for more information.