Nomad Factory Analog Strings Station

Nomad Factory has released Analog String Station, an advanced emulation of vintage electronic keyboards.

The Analog Strings Station (ASS) is an advanced emulation of the vintage electronic keyboards known as “String Ensemble Synthesizers ” or “String Machines”, which where invented around 1970 and became a huge success with the introduction of the Eminent Solina String Ensemble. The ASS project started at NUSofting as a digital model of the Solina and was then extended to a versatile polyphonic synthesizer but still retaining the warm core sound of the vintage string synthesizers.

Analog String Station features

  • Native emulation of the “octave divider” circuitry that is the essential technology of the vintage polyphonic synthesizers.
  • Ensemble effect, modeled after the original Solina circuitry and extended with more parameters and wider ranges for these, allowing the ASS user to many more sublime chorus effects suitable to the original string machine sound.
  • Selection of three generated waveforms : Smooth Sawthooth, Crisp Sawthooth, Vintage Square. (selected sound can be further enhanced using the Brightness control, additionally a noise generator is featured).
  • Oscillators architecture generates 6 timbres simultaneously:
    • Cello, Brass, Horn and Viola, all those in register 8′
    • Violin, in register 4′ with it’s own “relative phase” control
    • Contrabass, in register 16′ (“Register” refers to the relative octave, also called “rank”)
  • MIDI split controls allows to customize the keyboard point between lower and upper section.
  • Synth Filter: multimode resonant filter with envelope and LFO modulation (additionally a HP filter is featured to improve the modulation thru the effects section).
  • Classic analog style Arpeggiator and a stereo “Step Gate Sequencer”
  • 5 vintage analog effect processors: Tremolux, LoFi-Tron, Phaser / Flanger, 3D Delays, and a Stereo Imager.
  • 4 effect routing modes available.

Analog Strings Station is available for Windows PC and Mac (RTAS/AU/VST) and costs $189 USD. A demo version will be avaialble soon.

Visit Nomad Factory for more information.